Announcing FierceCEO, the Latest Publication from Questex, LLC.

WASHINGTON, DC (July 25, 2017) - Questex, LLC. launches its latest publication, FierceCEO, today joining the portfolio of leading digital publications in Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Retail. 

FierceCEO is the executive’s guide to growing, transforming, and managing an organization. "With FierceCEO, we're bringing an element of thoughtful curation and analysis to the news that makes our website and newsletter extremely actionable for chief executives. This publication is squarely focused on the strategies CEOs need to thrive," said Molly Walker, digital editorial director, Questex.

Chief executives must skillfully navigate their industry while also keeping up with the latest innovations. To meet those demands, FierceCEO not only reports the news and current trends, but dissects and analyzes it.

Jack Fordi, senior vice president and group publisher, said that FierceCEO, a free, daily newsletter, “provides senior executives the news and insights they need to manage technology, lead innovation, drive revenue, maximize human capital, and improve customer experience. FierceCEO will give those leaders a business advantage while saving them valuable time. Our best-in-class editorial and media teams are primed and ready.”

"In today's business environment, CEOs need to be informed about their industry sectors, engaged with their organizations, obsessed with the needs of their customers, predisposed to innovate, and responsive to opportunities for promotion, financing, and expansion," said FierceCEO Editor Cheryl Kaften. "This newsletter is all about being competitive and successful, keeping up with current technology and trends, and learning to be a leader, no matter what your company's current size and ambitions may be.”

FierceCEO covers what you need to know and why you need to know it.

Find out more about FierceCEO by visting: Register for a free daily subscription here:

About Questex

Questex is a leading global business information and events company serving corporate and government clients, and industries that are driving economic growth and business innovation around the world.

The company drives business investment, innovation, and demand-creation in the markets it serves by bringing together investors, buyers, sellers, and professionals through its over 100 trade shows, conferences, and other business events, informing them through more than 100 business media and information products, and supporting clients with a comprehensive platform of marketing solutions. Questex’s industry-focused marketplaces include Life Sciences & Healthcare, Hospitality & Travel, Beauty & Wellness, Technology & Telecommunications groups.

Questex is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts. The company employs over 350 dedicated professional staff members, who are located in offices throughout the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.