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As a marketer in life sciences and healthcare, you face the enormous challenge of not only reaching your target customers in this evolving industry but also engaging with them in meaningful ways. 

With Questex, you gain entry to an entire world of highly qualified professionals who rely daily on our timely and in-depth content, eager to learn about and buy your products and services. Through integrated digital media, content marketing and events produced by our FierceBiotech, FiercePharma, FierceHealthcare and ExL Events groups, you reach and engage with key decision-makers in every sector of the life sciences and healthcare industries, including pharma, biotech, research, medical devices, payers, providers, and more.

What’s more, from a single platform, you will interact with your prospects through every step in the customer journey, from initial contact through sale and beyond. This unique platform approach gives you unprecedented capability to target, qualify, engage, meet and transact. Not just for one event cycle. But throughout the lifetime of the customer relationship.

Using the highly integrated Questex marketplace platform, you can:

•    Engage with customers at leading live and online events
•    Develop leads and build brand awareness through our digital media, content marketing, publication websites and targeted e-newsletters
•    Train and nurture a loyal network of advocates and influencers through our e-learning, certification, education and loyalty programs
•    Accelerate to sales through our powerful customer engagement and lead generation tools 
•    Grow, compete and gain an edge with exclusive business information, market intelligence and data analytics services


Our Questex Life Sciences brands allow you to reach every corner the life sciences industry from discovery, clinical development and manufacturing, to post-approval stages for pharma and biotech products, to development, trials and manufacturing of medical and diagnostic devices.

Life Sciences Newsletters

Questex offers nine free newsletters under the FierceBiotech and FiercePharma brands ranging from such topics as biotech research, medical devices, and CRO to pharma manufacturing, vaccines, and pharma marketing. Our daily coverage on the growing and evolving life sciences industry will keep in informed and ready for what's next.

With nearly 300,000 unique life sciences subscribers, reach the targeted audience you seek. 

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Questex Healthcare Brands

Questex Healthcare brands help you reach a select audience of healthcare decision-makers. These buyers turn to our FierceHealthcare and ExL Events brands for trusted, authoritative news, analysis and reports on the most important and timely topics in the industry—from the latest legislative and regulatory developments, to healthcare payer and provider challenges, to executive management changes and M&A activity. It’s the ideal environment for suppliers and buyers to engage and interact.

Healthcare Newsletters

Every business day, Questex's FierceHealthcare series of free newsletters provides the latest information on healthcare reform, ACA implementation, healthcare fraud, Medicare/Medicaid, HIPPA compliance and more.

From healthcare providers to payers to IT professionals, we can help you reach a targeted audience of healthcare professionals through our free healthcare newsletters

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Ready-to-Go Content Marketing Topics

Looking for content marketing topics for your lead generation campaign? Questex's Life Sciences and Healthcare group has number of ready-to-go topics selected by our editorial team that can be used for your webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, or events. Here is just a sampling to choose from: 

  • Rise of the Virtual Clinical Developers
  • Drug Development in the Cloud: Do Hosted eClinical Solutions Make Sense?

  • Privacy Versus the Increased Use of Mobile Devices: Opportunities and Pitfalls

  • Using Data Analytics to Streamline Care Across the Healthcare Organization

  • Payer and provider collaborations to improve population health

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