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Fixed Wireless to the Rescue? - Google, Verizon, AT&T, Windstream and others are eyeing fixed wireless technologies as a way to expand high-speed internet connections to more customers without the expense of installing cabling. However, these players will have to overcome a range of obstacles, including technological challenges, in order to cash in on the promise of reliable, high-speed fixed wireless connections. Will fixed wireless rise to the challenge?

SD-WAN: The Rising Tide - A wide range of telecom players, from AT&T to EarthLink, have jumped into the SD-WAN space with the hope of offering businesses the ability to route traffic based on access types. The result is a service that can direct sensitive information over a customer’s secure hybrid WAN, while sending Facebook, YouTube and other non-sensitive traffic directly to the internet. How might this space evolve as SDN and NFV technologies are deployed further into the network?

Vertical Integration: How Service and Content Bundling is Gaining Momentum - Internet access and pay-TV services are no longer the twin pillars of operators’ business models. Instead, companies ranging from Altice to Comcast to AT&T are looking to provide a wide range of services to their customers in the hopes of raising ARPUs and lowering churn. But can carriers really grow revenues by combining various internet and content services onto the same bill? Should telecom companies keep investing in content and distribution? And what are the concerns they will need to address in order to be successful?


5G: From Standards to Use Cases - The wireless industry continues to rush toward a 5G future, despite warnings that all the 5G noise might be counterproductive. As carriers, vendors and others work on launching 5G technologies, how are they resolving standards issues? And what use cases might players target with the technology first?

On-Demand Business: The Service Provider Equation - Service providers from all corners of the industry continue to work to break into the enterprise opportunity. Business users remain a key customer segment, one that network operators are keen to chase. A major new development in this arena is virtualized services, those that operators can scale up or down almost immediately through software-defined networking. How will operators and their partners work to address this development? And how big is this opportunity?

OTT's Advertising Problem - Ad blocking, fraud and measurement are ongoing problems for providers of ad-supported online video content and brand advertisers alike. While a few solutions exist, the sector likely won't be straightened out anytime soon. But with the industry now hunting for results in the form of dollar signs, time may be running out to fix advertising's OTT problems.

Virtualization in the Video Industry - SDN and NFV are beginning to be embraced at a network level by companies ranging from Comcast to AT&T. Perhaps more importantly, this move toward virtualization can also enable more seamless cloud services, remote CPE and virtual-MVPDS. How will the virtualization trend evolve as the video industry progresses?


Security in (and by) the network

Artificial Intelligence: The Telecom Angle

Video optimization

IoT: From smart cities to smart planets


Demystifying densified networks

The ATSC 3.0 opportunity

Mobile video rises


The next gen of cable networks

Optimizing network design, installation and testing

Ditching your carrier: The future of private wireless networks

Live streaming: The unanswered questions


Drones in Telecom

Connecting the Unconnected

VR: Where the opportunities lie


Telco innovation

The intersection of cable and wireless


The great Indoors: A final frontier for wireless

The video interface of the future

Crossing the last mile


Inserting the IoT into LTE and 5G

Customer value: A deep dive


Open sourcing telecom

Spectrum Sharing

Monetizing SDN and NFV


Fronthaul, backhaul and special access

Evolving the customer care paradigm

Autonomous cars on the telecom highway


Injecting intelligent into networks

Public safety and the network

Lighting up dark fiber

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Building the perfect OTT pricing model
Using small cells to strengthen the network
The Smart Home: How the Internet of Things will make homes smarter and more efficient
NG-PON: Preparing for the next wave of bandwidth-intensive data apps
Advanced advertising strategies for pay-TV
SDN and NFV: How cable MSOs are migrating to virtual networks
The where, why and how of C-RAN
Next-gen IoT networks: Connecting the next billion machines
Virtual Reality: Where is the opportunity for wireless and cable?
Connected health: The next big vertical for the IoT?
Diving into the millimeter waves of 5G
Beamforming in the 5G future
Small cells are here… But what about backhaul?
The Virtual Reality Opportunity
Inside dark fiber: The competition and the opportunity breathes Gigabit speeds into existing copper networks
Testing and deploying DOCSIS 3.1
SVOD launch strategies: win, lose or draw
Live streaming: Investigating the opportunity
The software evolution in optical networking
Tackling the enterprise market through SDN and NFV
Building on top of SD-WAN: What are the next steps?
DCI and the growing role of data centers inside telecom
Private networks: Managing the demand
Putting intelligence into the network
Networks on the edge: Making sense of MEC, OpenFog and open source options
LTE Advanced Pro: Getting the most out of LTE on the road to 5G


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